April 11, 2021

Natural Enzyme Cleaner Does it really work?

Natural multi-purpose Enzyme concentrate

IPrice: $45.95

Cheapest Place to  buy: waterliberty.com

Size of Container: 8 oz

Guarantee: 60 Day

Price: $45.95

Cheapest Place to Buy: waterliberty.com

Size of Container: 8 oz

Guarantee: 60 Day

Why use this natural enzymatic cleaner?

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While there is an abundance of DIY recipes for enzymatic cleaners, most of them are a lot of trouble and usually not that effective. Especially for some smells and stains that really are hard to get rid of.

natural enzimatic cleanerA possible alternative for some will be to use traditional cleaners that are packed with chemicals. These cleaners will usually deliver the results but the cost of risking your pets and children’s health is certainly not worth it. Especially since you do have this great natural alternative. This Enzyme Concentrate cleaner is All-Natural, Non-Toxic and 100% Plant-Derived. You can use it to clean carpets, furniture, kitchen surfaces and even cloths as a laundry pre-wash.

It eliminates pet odors and stains especially food stains like wine, grease, cooking oil.

How enzymes clean?
Enzyme is a protein produced by bacteria which is used to speed up the chemical reaction between bacteria and soils. The bacteria in turn consumes and breaks down urine, grease and stain in to their basic compounds- Carbon dioxide(CO2) and water(H20)

Is it safe for use?

Safe to use around children and pets. Moreover it’s effective on all materials, including hard floors and carpets.

Drying time

let sit for 15-20 minute. On a carpet let it sit for half an hour.

How to dilute?

The concentrate can make 16 spray bottles of 8oz full strength cleaning solution. So make sure to dilute it to a spray bottle.

Bottom line 

I am a believer in this product and I know many others that absolutely love the results. Try it you won’t regret and if you change your mind you can always return.

Apart for being Eco-friendly the best part about it really is it’s almost odorless, meaning the smell is so light and neutral you’ll probably won’t notice anything except for the fabulous results, it works on new and old stains. After trying a fair amount of natural alternatives I can definitely recommend this natural enzyme cleaner wholeheartedly.

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