April 9, 2021

Review of NanoTowel for Makeup removal

Hi there,

If you think you’ve been cleaning your face properly with that makeup remover,
You’ve been fooled.

Stop Using makeup remover.. Here’s Why

NanoTowels® Makeup remover is an Innovative Cloth That Can Completely Remove Your Entire Makeup Using Only Water.

Here’s the ugly truth: researchers have found in many cosmetics, including makeup removers, contains harmful preservatives which has been kept from you all this time..

So imagine this.

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Each time you clean your face, you’re actually smearing a bunch of harmful preservatives onto your skin..

Worst part is, not only does these preservatives damage your skin, they are also intoxicating your lungs and nervous system.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution.

What are NanoTowels?

NanoTowels Makeup Remover are made with a patented fabric technology called Nanolon Fibers. These Nanolon Fibers are hundreds of times finer than human hair – which act like tiny fingers reaching deep into your pores and pulling out the oil and dirt residues accumulated in them. Our makeup remover cloth will leave your face feeling super soft and fresh – making it an essential piece towards your daily makeup routine.

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Made using the most ground-breaking fabric technology, this makeup remover is unlike any other removers you’ve ever seen before.

It can miraculously ERASE all your makeup while getting deep into your pores and pulling all that accumulated junk out.

Here’s the best part…

You will ONLY need water; ZERO chemicals or any toxic preservatives that may harm your body!

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